Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Diaper Baby Shower Cards Tutorial

I am going to apologize ahead of time for the picture quality of the tutorial. I don't know where my camera went, (I bet my two year old got a hold of it) so I took these with my phone. Unfortunately, it is natural light, the quality isn't amazing.

This is a fun tutorial on Baby Shower cards! I know so many people who are ready to give birth in a month or so, so it was definitely time to make the cards!

12 x 12 pattern paper
pattern cardstock
Martha Stewart Scoring board
2.5" Circle Punch

I began with trimming my pattern paper to 10" x 10". Pattern paper will work best because of all the folds we will need to do. Using the Martha Stewart Scoring Board and the Envelope tool, we will create a score at 5 and 1/4". Fold the paper

Turn your paper bigger fold down, score at 4". Line the other side with 12" and score at 8".

Rotate your paper 90 degrees and score it at 3.5"

I am honestly pretty terrible at describing certain things. The best way I can explain the next step is to take your circle punch so your scores are approximately where it shows on my picture. Make sure you don't punch out a full circle.

Once you have punched both sides, this is what your paper should look like.

Fold the bottom end up, making the edges line up, then repeat with each side.

***After playing with this idea over and over again, i found that it was easier for you to fold your paper first follow the creases, then punching the corners. Of course, I like to make it complicated for myself! 

Glue down the sides, but make sure you leave the bottom piece without adhesive, so you can place your card inside! Trim any extra pieces of  paper sticking out, then Embellish as you please!

***I was just playing around with this idea, but if anyone has suggestions on how to make it easier, feel free to leave at the comments below!

Boy Card: 
My Minds Eye Paper
Making Memories Cardstock
K and Co Embellishments

Girl Card:
DCWV Paper and Cardstock
Soft Spoken Embellishments

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