Sunday, September 22, 2013

Revamped Planner

I have been quiet on my blog, haven't I? I've been busy working mostly on gift projects and projects I am hoping to be published, so a lot of the things I have completed are top secret! SHHH :)

I did just finish this fun planner, which I will be entering to Ribbon Carousel's Back to School Challenge. With my going back to school around the corner, I wanted a fun planner I can use. Most people thought it was strange that I wanted a planner when we all have our handy smartphones, but there is certain satisfaction I get from writing things down and crossing things off a to do list. It makes me feel more accomplished! Of course, instead of me spending close to $10 on a cute planner, I decided to put my craft supplies to good use!

Basic Planner ($3 from Big Lots!)
May Arts 382-34-46
Remarks Alphas
Modge Podge

I took a 12 X 12 cardstock and created a standard book cover (I completely forgot to take step by step photos on how I did this, but I promise I will show you in a future post!). I wanted something I can use over and over again, so I simply used my planner as a template. This allows me to change to a different planner when a new year starts.

I decorated the book cover and sealed it with Modge Podge to make it sturdier.

I finished it up by making page flags using washi tape!

Thanks for stopping by and please stop by and keep an eye out for my book cover post! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Hiatus and a Grand Opening.

I have just started a new job and have been working semi-non stop in order to learn everything I can to be successful in the job, so it definitely has caused a pause in my social media life, but don't fret! It's just temporary.

Ironically, I was thinking of taking a technology break! I felt like I was getting too sucked in to the social media world. Not necessarily too bad as long as I wasn't addicted, but I felt like I was constantly checking them to see what was going on, whether it be Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or here at my blog. I wanted to take a break and really just do things. Things which includes picking up the phone to call someone and not just shooting them a text or what not. I would have to say I have been pretty successful, but lets be honest here, in our day and age, if you are not avid on your social media, you may lose touch with some people, specially if they are long distance.

Another good thing about my mini hiatus, I found other things to do on the internet. This includes finally opening my Etsy shop! Please take the time to peek around! Ethan's Imprints on Etsy!