Monday, June 17, 2013

May Arts' Nautical Craft Challenge

Everyone knows how much I LOVE me some May Arts Ribbon!! When it came time for another challenge, I jumped on that!! The challenge Nautical themed, and I wanted to create some gorgeous nautical themed jewelry!

Checkout the other participants at the May Arts Blog!

I created a set of pearl bracelets!

Here is a longer statement necklace made of ribbon and pearls.

And here is a short, choker like necklace with ribbon roses!

Thanks for stopping by! Make sure you stop by the May Arts blog and leave a comment to be entered into a giveaway!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day is a great way to give that special man in our lives an EXTRA day of praise, but remember, it is not the ONLY day!

This is the card I made for my son to "give" to my husband. I can't wait until he is old enough to craft with me and make a card himself!

DCWV All About Boys Stack
Remarks and Studio 112 Stickers
American Craft Thickers

Friday, June 14, 2013

Craft Resume

Featured as DCWV's Top 10 Stack-a-holic:
August 2015 (Card) 
July 2015 (Card) 
January 2015 (Card),
December 2014 (Card),
October 2014 (Card),
September 2014 (Card),
May 2014 (Card), 
September 2013 (Card),
August 2013 (Card),
May 2013 (Card), 
January 2013 (Card), 
October 2012 (Card), 
September 2012 (Layout), 
July 2012 (Layout),
May 2011 (Layout)

May Arts Guest Designer: 
January 2015
September 2013

Zappy Dots Designer: 2013-2014

State Fair Grand Reserve Champion: 2013

Puyallup Fair Craft Winner: 2013

Guest Designer: Craft Warehouse 2012-2013

May Arts Cameo Ribbonista: August 2012 - January 2013

Former DT Member for Scrap Our Stash and Lasting Memories

Created Projects for DCWV QVC Samples - August 2012

One of the winners for May Arts/DCWV Challenge - June 2012

May Arts Challenge Participant: 
December 2014,
August 2014,
October 2013,
June 2013,
May 2013, 
April 2012, 
February 2012, 
October 2011

Featured in Practical Scrappers:
March 2012

Featured in Frosted Designs:
October 2011

Elle Studio:
August 2011

Sketchy Thursday Favorite:
September 2011

Monday, June 10, 2013


This here isn't your standard scrapbook layout. I was browsing through Pinterest one morning and saw all the fun silhouette projects.  I really wanted to do one with a twist. 

I tookna profile picture of Ethan, while he was asleep of course, and enlarged and printed. I then used my exacto knife to cut the his silhouette and used it as a stencil for my patterened cardstock. I traced it on there, used my exacto knife again, and there you are! A cute silhouette. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mom and Dad

Father's Day is around the corner and I have been dying to make these cards! It is a great CAS card you can make and give to the men in your lives. 

All you need is cardstock, thick ribbon (I used 1.5" Twill Stripe Ribbon from May Arts), Buttons, and whatever stickers you choose to you.

This card is perfect for all sorts of occasions! LOVE!

Since I am terrible with time! I am a little delayed with my Mother's Day Card posts, but here they are!

For both cards, I used DCWV's Home Spun stack and May Art's Ribbon!

I hope you enjoy these cards and they inspire you to create something fun and your recipient would treasure!!

DIY DVD Case for the Kidlets! :)

I was looking for a fun DVD case for my son to place all his DVD's in for when we travel. It was hard to find anything fun for kids. specially for little boys. Of course, it just meant it was time to get crafty!

Individual DVD sleeves
Binder Rings
Modge Podge

Cut your cardboard and solid cardstock to be approximately the same size as your DVD sleeve.
Cut your patterned cardstock to be half an inch larger.

Adhere your cardboard to the back of the patterned cardstock.
Score around the cardboard so it is easier to crease.

Fold the extra flaps in, making sure it is tightly hugging your cardboard.
Glue your solid cardstock to cover the cardboard. 

Decorate as you please.
Modge Podge to seal
Punch holes to match the holes of the DVD Sleeves. 

Put your DVD case together using your binder rings
Decorate your binder rings with ribbon if you please.

This is what your finish product would look like! Something fun and personalized for the lil one!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Money Lei

I have always seen cool money leis at wedding and graduations. I have always wanted to make them, but it always looked so complicated. One day, I just decided to give it a shot and it is pretty simple. After making several leis, I have come up with a quick and easy tutorial so you can make your own money lei! This is the perfect gift for the upcoming wedding and graduation season!

Curling ribbon or any ribbon approximately 3/16"
Construction Paper
Dollar Bills
Small Clear Elastic Hair Bands

If you are using construction paper, cut the amount you need the same size as your dollar bills.
(You can use any dollar amount you prefer. I used one dollar bills for a $50 lei)
Accordion fold the dollar bill (No larger than 1/4" crease)
Wrap your rubber band around the center of the bill

Tape the edges together to create a rosette.
Repeat until all your rosettes are made.

Pull approximately 4 feet of your curling ribbon.
Fold the ribbon in half and make a know.

String a bead.
Then string your rosette using each end of the ribbon so that the ribbon goes through each side of where we tied the bill

Place another bead, then place another bill.

Repeat all your steps, creating the color pattern you please.
Once you have used all your rosettes, tie your ends together to create the lei!

Thanks for stopping by! I would love to see the leis that you create