Thursday, June 6, 2013

DIY DVD Case for the Kidlets! :)

I was looking for a fun DVD case for my son to place all his DVD's in for when we travel. It was hard to find anything fun for kids. specially for little boys. Of course, it just meant it was time to get crafty!

Individual DVD sleeves
Binder Rings
Modge Podge

Cut your cardboard and solid cardstock to be approximately the same size as your DVD sleeve.
Cut your patterned cardstock to be half an inch larger.

Adhere your cardboard to the back of the patterned cardstock.
Score around the cardboard so it is easier to crease.

Fold the extra flaps in, making sure it is tightly hugging your cardboard.
Glue your solid cardstock to cover the cardboard. 

Decorate as you please.
Modge Podge to seal
Punch holes to match the holes of the DVD Sleeves. 

Put your DVD case together using your binder rings
Decorate your binder rings with ribbon if you please.

This is what your finish product would look like! Something fun and personalized for the lil one!

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