Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Money Lei

I have always seen cool money leis at wedding and graduations. I have always wanted to make them, but it always looked so complicated. One day, I just decided to give it a shot and it is pretty simple. After making several leis, I have come up with a quick and easy tutorial so you can make your own money lei! This is the perfect gift for the upcoming wedding and graduation season!

Curling ribbon or any ribbon approximately 3/16"
Construction Paper
Dollar Bills
Small Clear Elastic Hair Bands

If you are using construction paper, cut the amount you need the same size as your dollar bills.
(You can use any dollar amount you prefer. I used one dollar bills for a $50 lei)
Accordion fold the dollar bill (No larger than 1/4" crease)
Wrap your rubber band around the center of the bill

Tape the edges together to create a rosette.
Repeat until all your rosettes are made.

Pull approximately 4 feet of your curling ribbon.
Fold the ribbon in half and make a know.

String a bead.
Then string your rosette using each end of the ribbon so that the ribbon goes through each side of where we tied the bill

Place another bead, then place another bill.

Repeat all your steps, creating the color pattern you please.
Once you have used all your rosettes, tie your ends together to create the lei!

Thanks for stopping by! I would love to see the leis that you create

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