Thursday, August 15, 2013

A New Craft Obsession

I have seen so many craft projects that I want to try. Quilling is one that really intrigued me. The designs and the intricate details are absolutely gorgeous!

Just like any craft project I am inspired by, I watch tons and tons of YouTube videos until I get the idea of how to do it and off I go! I also found this blog via Pinterest that show the basic quilling shapes!

The hot air balloon is my second ever quilling project. I just created standard shapes and slowly built my hot air balloon shape. The one thing I like about quilling is the freedom to be creative! Just like most crafts, you're limited only by your imaginaion!

Quilling is a great project for paper hoarders like me who never wants to get rid of a single strand of paper. Asides from my base, all papers used were scraps from other projects.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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