Monday, August 1, 2011

Crafting Withdrawals.

I haven't made anything in awhile. I did create an envelope purse on Saturday, which I will post later on in the post. I've taken a break in crafting because I haven't done my craft corner move. I planned on moving my craft corner from one room to another, and haven't gotten a chance because I've been too busy crafting. 
I told myself I can't craft until I get this done. I finally got a chance to pack all my crafts stuff and move the furniture. Now the fun part! Being able to reorganize from scratch! It's like a blank canvas!!!

I saw this at Crafter Companion's Blog! They are giving away Envelobox Companions! I would LOVE to get one! It would've made my envelope purse project a lot easier!!
Gaaaahhh I want this!!!!

Here's the purse I created! Gotta get back to organizing!


  1. Thanks for joining us at Crafter's Companion. Good Luck!!

  2. Congrats on winning the Cricut from My Craft Channel! I had a minor heart attack when i saw Marie....but soon saw it wasn't me. lol use it well. arlene 'Marie" Pitts