Friday, June 29, 2012

Cupcake Wars: Day Two - Strawberry Shortcake

Here is day two of our Cupcake Wars!

Here are our ingredients for the day.
2.5 in Styrofoam balls
Cupcake baking cups 
Ribbon (For this project, I chose May Arts' QK17 Ombre Looped Edge)
Glue Gun

Start of by putting a dot of glue at the center of your ball.

Place your ribbon over the glued spot and stretch over the ball, gluing it down at the opposite side.

Repeat the last two steps, placing the ribbon directly next to the last piece.

Once the foam ball is completely covered, it should like this. 
Glue around the ball directly underneath the ribbon.
Place the ball in the cupcake liner and press lightly to adhere the liner to the foam ball.

I made a bunch of tiny ribbon curls to top the cupcake off with. I glued the curls on top and "sprinkled" it using Stickles.

Here is the Strawberry Shortcake!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. To see how to make a "Milky Way", come back tomorrow! 
I would love to see what you guys create!

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