Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cupcake Wars: Day One - Neapolitan

Who doesn't love cupcakes? I know I love them! These little cupcakes make a perfect centerpiece for an exploding box, party favors, ornament, or a little keepsake for someone's birthday! I will be showing you all how to make each one of these cupcakes in the next few days. Today, I am starting off with my "Neopolitan" Cupcake.

Your ingredients:
2.5 in Styrofoam balls
Cupcake baking cups (The color is up to you! I went for silver for its versatility)
Ribbon (Again, this is all up to you, I tend to go no bigger than .5 inch in width)
Glue Gun

For this one, I went for May Arts' ABB17 Check/Stitch. 
I tend to use about 2 yards of ribbon for this, depending on how I twist my ribbon.

Start off with putting a dot of glue at the center of the ball.

Loosely twist the ribbon and glue it halfway to keep the ribbon to stay put. 
The looser you twist, the fluffier your "frosting" looks.

When you reach your initial starting point, glue the ribbon once more and start another row.

Repeat the last two steps until you have the top half of the foam ball completely covered. 

This is what your top half should look like. 
Cut the excess ribbon off and tuck the end underneath another piece of ribbon using glue to secure in place.

Take the glue gun and glue around the ball directly underneath the ribbon.

Place the ball in the cupcake liner and press lightly to adhere the liner to the foam ball.

Embellish the finished cupcake however you please!

Here is the Neapolitan Cupcake topped with a simple flower! 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. To see how to make a "Strawberry Shortcake", come back tomorrow! 
I would love to see what you guys create!

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