Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ribbon Bridal Bouquet

I am honored to be a finalist for May Arts' Design team! When I got the great news, I racked my brain for the perfect entry! I have always wanted to create a bouquet of flowers out of ribbon, and so that definitely was my main idea. Then I thought, how fun would it be to create a Bridal Bouquet! 

Glue Gun
Floral Wire
Floral Tape
Tulle (not pictured)
and of course, May Arts Ribbon!
C17 - 1.5" 
C19 - 1.5"
HA31 - 3/8"
KK09 - 2"

Place a tiny bit of glue on the tip of your floral wire.
Fold your ribbon in half around the wire
Roll your ribbon around the wire several times to create a sturdier base.

Continue to wrap your ribbon around the center, making sure to slightly twist the ribbon as you go.
Twisting the ribbon creates the look of petals. There is no specific way this needs to look, just keep in mind there is no two flowers that look exactly the same.
Make note, the more layers you create, the bigger your flower becomes.

Finish off by cutting your ribbon off and gluing the tip down.
Your flower is complete

Finish the flower off by wrapping the wire with floral tape.
Repeat until you have made your desired amounts of flowers. My bouquet has 25 roses.
Gather your flowers together to create your bouquet.
Wrap floral tape around your bouquet to keep it together.

Trim your wire to your desired length,
If you want to create a thicker stem, add more wire around it and wrap it with tape.

The next is the fun part! Decorating!
I wrapped tulle around the bouquet and wrapped ribbon around the stems.
I topped it off with embellishments!

Here are some final photos of my ribbon bridal bouquet!

Thanks for stopping by, and wish me luck!!

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