Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Diaper Trike

Ever since I saw a picture of one of these guys on the internet, I have been anxious to make one! So when my friend told me about her baby shower, I got to work!

-Take a pack of diapers (I used size 2) and split it up into 3 quantities. I had 2 piles with an equal amount and 1 pile which had more diapers than the other two.

-Wrap the diapers around a toilet paper roll creating a wheel. You should end up with two that are the same size and one larger. Use rubber bands to secure each wheel and wrap ribbon over to cover the rubber bands

-Stand the large wheel with the two smaller wheels on each end, creating the base of the trike. Use ribbon to keep these together.

-Tie two bibs together to create handle bars and use ribbon to keep handlebars attached to the larger wheel.

-Add baby items to trike as desired! (I added a baby bottle as a headlight, bibs as seat covers)

May Arts Ribbon: 350-15-34, 420-94, rp44
4 bibs
Baby bottle

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