Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tricky, Tricky!

This weeks challenge at Lasting Memories is "April Fools"!! Show us your ‘sneaky’ tricks!! Idea’s: hidden journaling, hidden photo’s, hidden tips and tricks!! 

Here's my take on the challenge! Can you spot my hidden trick?

Here's a little hint!

I have hidden journaling!

Now it's your turn to head to Lasting Memories and show how your tricks!


  1. love your hidden journal!!!! such cute pics as well :)

  2. Marie, this so cute! Love how you hid your journaling!

  3. Ok, so I thought I had left a comment here. Blogger must be having attitudes again! What an adorable little guy! The close-up is so cute:) Love the brown ribbon bow!

  4. Oh, he's a doll! What a gorgeous LO and love your hidden trick!!